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How You Feel About Yourself Inside...


Our self-Esteem is challenged from early childhood right on into the rest of our lives.  Self-Esteem is a knowing within that you are good enough; it is confidence that you are capable of struggling through the tough stuff and having a feeling of worthiness. I like to say that we are all born with a high self-esteem because when we are born, we have a certain connection to self. This connection unfortunately begins to fade as we get older for many reasons. One reason is, as the ego develops we seem to forget what it feels like to be connected to our true self, the self that connects up to our very own divine nature. The more we learn and the more life experiences we gain the more we separate from the pure beliefs that we are innately good. 


Once we are introduced to the world we begin to form opinions of who we are based on who others are. Fear of the unknown becomes a situation rather than an adventure. Think about a toddler just learning how to walk, there is no paralyzing fear that can keep them from getting back up and trying again.  There is only curiosity and when that curiosity is acted upon you have an adventure. Now, think about a recent occurrence in your life where fear prevented you to act on a curiosity, it could have been a curiosity about a person, and idea you had to invent something new that could change the world. What stopped you from acting on the curiosity? FEAR…that is it and that is all. That is what stops us from turning curiosity into an adventure. Self-Esteem is the knowing that you are worthy of taking chances and the actions that are necessary to fulfill your most inner desires of what is possible for you. Taking a risk creates the feelings of the worthiness we are born with, but after a while the adventure of risk taking gets replaced with fear of failing or fear of succeeding and it becomes the opposite of adventurous.


I do not know how old you are, but I do know the power is still within you and you are good enough to do the things you would like to do, be who you would like to be and have what you would like to have. This is what we must teach to our children and we must teach it NOW, while they are still taking risks. 

Jack Out of the Box is a story about a character known for centuries as Jack in the Box, and is an important message for children that parents and teachers can use as a tool to encourage children to honor who they are and to embrace their own unique character within. I believe that if these principles are instilled at an early age the transition to adulthood will be significantly smoother.












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