Dawn Krohberger’s Jack Out Of The Box’ is a children’s story of empowerment, encouraging children to go beyond their comfort zones. Well illustrated and entertaining, it contains an important message of self-esteem elevation for all children.”

  • Dr. Joe Rubino


Dawn Krohberger is a personal and professional friend of mine. Her stand for assisting our youth to gain full expression and courage to live their lives is unwavering. In the story, "Jack Out Of The Box", I can hear the soft yet confident voice that Dawn possesses as she gently nurtures children into the creative conversation that they need to grow and expand their lives. Bravo for her efforts in writing this book as it is a perfect and colorful communication tool for Parents, Teachers and Guardians and the children they love...

  • Reverend Laura Tria, Founder New Light Sanctuary



An Empowering Message of 

Self-Esteem for Children


In today’s society, it seems that our children are faced with more difficult and greater challenges then ever before. It is never easy to be a kid but there is something about today that is driving more and more children to depression, uncertainty and even suicide at such young ages. Bullying has become what seems to be uncontrollable. What if we can we teach our children at an early age, how to love themselves just as they are? How to respect themselves for who they are, long before the fear sets in or the bully arrives, whether there is a non-traditional family setting or chronic childhood illness?  What if we could do this before our children become the bully or become the victim? Fear of not being good enough or different can cause all kinds of negative emotions and reactions to life that can be carried with them for a very long time and sometimes forever.


Helping Children Overcome Fear


About The Book:  Jack Out of the Box is a story about a character known for centuries as Jack In the Box, an important message for children that parents and teachers can use as a tool to encourage children to honor who they are and to embrace their own unique character within. This amazing book has been specifically designed to help elevate self-esteem in children and for helping children overcome fears.





Praise For "Jack Out of the Box"


Author:  Dawn Krohberger

Illustrator: Eric VanTuyl


Jack out of the Box is a story about “Jack” well known for centuries as “Jack in the Box” and how through self-love and self-actualization, he finds a way to choose life out side of his comfort zone.  A warm friendly character with a great enthusiastic message structured to help children find a way to choose life outside of theirs. In this story Jack realizes that he has been stuck in his box for a long time and sees how much fun life could be when he comes out of the box.  His heartwarming motivation will help elevate self-esteem in children which is exactly where it must begin.



Public Work and Media

JFK Book Assembly Boosts Student Self-Esteem


Students at John F. Kennedy Intermediate were recently treated to a special assembly with author Dawn Krohberger, who discussed her book, “Jack Out of the Box.” In this updated tale of the classic jack-in-the-box clown toy, Jack overcomes fear and chooses a life outside of his comfort zone, a theme that helps elevate self-esteem in young readers. During the assembly, Krohberger, a life coach who holds a special certification in self-esteem elevation, encourages children to honor who they are and to embrace their own unique character within. All of the participants enthusiastically joined in to recite an affirming self-esteem pledge. 
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